Wednesday, February 11

When Life Gives You Lemons

Life ManagementLife has been tough lately. I was laid off from my state job in November. I ended my relationship in early December only to find out later that month he'd had another girlfriend for five months. These outside events have triggered some inside events that are shall I say... less than fun.
The job and the boy needed to go. I am clear on that. Knowing that hasn't made the transition smooth or less scary, but it has brought some clarity.
I believe some good things are in store for me. I also know that the growth (and it's associated pain) is not over. I have great support in many forms to get me through. As always, during these times, I have tremendous appreciation for my friends. My best friends, casual friends, online friends, my family: they carry me, listen to me, pray for me, and encourage me. I couldn't be more lucky to have them all.