Monday, March 26

Wall Happiness

sugarloop collection
I love my Sugarloop prints, and I finally got them on the wall.
They make me feel happy.
I need a little happy right now.
I've also gotten back into the groove with my photoblog.
That also makes me happy.

Saturday, March 24

Nashville Craft Mafia

My friends Shona and Rebekah had booths at the Mafia show so I went to show my support. I got a little carried away, there were so many really neat things. Beth Howard had the most amazing handbags, I will have to get one this spring. I love her giant tote bag, I wish I could show you a picture, but it's not up in her etsy store. I think she sells them faster than she can post them on her store, but she will make one to order out of a variety of shapes and her fantastic fabric selection. Mary Ink's booth made me absolutely insane. I wanted every single thing in it. All of her silkscreen designs are so great and she makes excellent shirt choices and color combos. I loved her votives, and her birdie dishtowel is brightening my kitchen as we speak. I really must have one of her sewing machine screens on a shirt and one of her aprons.