Monday, July 23

Headboard Happiness

headboard projectI finally got around to doing something with this great fabric I found at Goodwill. My original intention was to use it as a bedspread, but it's one of those 70's fabrics with the vinyl fused to the back, which makes for a less than comfortable and very heavy blanket (how did people sleep under those?). When I tried to make pillow shams for my big square pillows, I couldn't move the fabric around on my sewing machine, it was just too thick. So I was at a loss as to how to use it, until I salvaged a teak tabletop. Once I got it home, I realized it was perfect headboard size. I had been procrastinating about getting the batting I would need to wrap the wood, but found some extra-cheap batting at Sirs. Fabric $8, board $0, batting $4, some staples, and voila! headboard happiness for $12!

Sunday, July 22


Things have been a bit rough lately. I had a break up that left me rather down and I got fired a little over a week ago. Whenever I go through a difficult time, I am always reminded of how wonderful my friends are, and how kind people who don't even know me very well can be. I have had tremendous support, encouragement, and numerous acts of kindness (like this bouquet from my neighbor). I am certain that some things are being removed to make room for some things that are even better. It is never the change that is difficult, it is the resistance to change.

Sunday, July 15

yes Sirs!

I spent Saturday on a fabric mission to Sirs in Fayetteville with some fantastic new friends (Beth and Jenn) and my old buddy Shona. We did a lot of driving, but the miles flew by with lots of good conversation, crafty idea-sharing and the kind of talk girls have when they get together. I forgot my damn camera! but Shona was kind enough to share hers with me and she documented the journey quite well on her blog. No fabric for me this time, but I did find a very reasonable bag of batting for my headboard project and some great buttons from the 29 cent bin. My surprise find was at the Goodwill in the middle of nowhere: fantastic clogs that were marked $7.99 (but were actually half-off) and old metal box to add to my collection (it will be excellent for sewing supplies).

Thursday, July 12

note to self

The problem is not that there are problems.
The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.
-T. Rubin

Wednesday, July 4

Celebrate Indie Biz In Your Town

July 1 - 7 is the 6th annual celebration of Independents Week celebrating independently owned businesses everywhere. I know that I prefer the unique businesses that make my town mine and I encourage everyone to support those businesses where you are with your dollars. Our local independent record store Grimey's, posted a great article about this very thing this week. I have to add to their list of local indie businesses that are essential to my Nashville experience: Fire Finch for clothing & jewelry, Hip Zipper for the best quality vintage (and personal styling from Trisha!), used books at Rhino, locally roasted and brewed coffee at Bongo (East, West or Fido), Grins for kosher vegetarian, Mary's for the best pork sandwich ever, the Bluebird because it has an ear for some of the real sounds of our town, and of course the Belcourt for the offbeat films and events I crave. I could go on and on, these indie businesses in Nashville make it so much more than Music City, they make it home.

Monday, July 2

Woohoo! 7/7/7 is World Hoop Day!

Whatever you have planned for this Saturday between 5pm and 7pm, drop it and come to East Park for World Hoop Day. Our Nashville community can get involved in this fun event with a worthy cause thanks to HoopRama HoopDiva Supreme, Sunny Becks. It's FREE FREE FREE and there will be hoops on hand if you don't have your own. Come to watch or come to play, just be there! All of you (and you know who you are) who have been curious about what happens at hoop class have a chance to see firsthand the skills picked up, since many of Sunny's faithful hoopers will be there. Wonder how many different ways can you really rock a hoop? You have no idea...come check it out and learn a few moves yourself.
If you want to know anything else, just ask. Hope you can all make it!