Thursday, October 25

40 Things To Do Before I'm 40

I'm not 40...yet, but I will be 38 on Friday. I have to say that getting older has been a wonderful experience for me. A few wrinkles and lumps are a small price to pay for knowing myself better and feeling comfortable in my skin. Every year I discover deeper contentment and happiness, even when things aren't easy.

I enjoyed Susan's 30th Birthday List and her original inspiration for the list so much, I decided to make my own for my birthday.

One problem, I can't seem to finish the list. So, I'll have a little room to add some things as I go.

1. See the Grand Canyon.
2. Go for more walks.
3. Learn to cook Thai and Indian food.
4. Buy a house.
5. Plant a garden.
6. Give up Diet soda for good.
7. Fall in love again.
8. Be a better friend to myself.
9. Be on time.
10. Grow my savings.
11. Take a road trip with my little brother.
12. Listen more.
13. Improve my sewing skills.
14. Dance more, worry less.
15. Complete my mom's scrapbook and make a copy for my grandmother.
16. Find contentment in what I already have.
17. Watch less tv.
18. Sing-a-long more.
19. Invest in my professional development.
20. Learn to use the weight equipment at the Y.
21. Organize my family photos and place them in albums.
22. Use public transportation.
23. Practice pronoia.
24. Have tea parties.
25. Complete this list.