Thursday, October 25

40 Things To Do Before I'm 40

I'm not 40...yet, but I will be 38 on Friday. I have to say that getting older has been a wonderful experience for me. A few wrinkles and lumps are a small price to pay for knowing myself better and feeling comfortable in my skin. Every year I discover deeper contentment and happiness, even when things aren't easy.

I enjoyed Susan's 30th Birthday List and her original inspiration for the list so much, I decided to make my own for my birthday.

One problem, I can't seem to finish the list. So, I'll have a little room to add some things as I go.

1. See the Grand Canyon.
2. Go for more walks.
3. Learn to cook Thai and Indian food.
4. Buy a house.
5. Plant a garden.
6. Give up Diet soda for good.
7. Fall in love again.
8. Be a better friend to myself.
9. Be on time.
10. Grow my savings.
11. Take a road trip with my little brother.
12. Listen more.
13. Improve my sewing skills.
14. Dance more, worry less.
15. Complete my mom's scrapbook and make a copy for my grandmother.
16. Find contentment in what I already have.
17. Watch less tv.
18. Sing-a-long more.
19. Invest in my professional development.
20. Learn to use the weight equipment at the Y.
21. Organize my family photos and place them in albums.
22. Use public transportation.
23. Practice pronoia.
24. Have tea parties.
25. Complete this list.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Just say no to diet (and ALL) sodas, Take the change you normally use for a diet soda + put it towards an Elvis- shoot your TV (get a firearms permit first)- Get Beth to help you with # 13. You've got # 22 covered with your new job.
i'm thinking, I'm thinking.

Jenn said...

If you need any tips or random info about buying a house/house-hunting...feel free to pick my brain! It may not be of any use, but I might have a few nuggets for you!

If it's an option, I always enjoyed just having the basic, basic cable package (usually about $10 or so a month)...because it was just enough to give you a daily dose of info, but not enough to drain your life juices!

OH boy is from AZ so he might have some good tips on the Grand Canyon!

great list and Happy (early) Birthday!!!

.xo. Jenn

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Jenn is right- we have the 10.00 basic cable (for reception) and I don't want cable ever again, but perhaps you can get Jon Stewart to come over to my house? I MISS The Daily Show like crazy! We really do not watch that much TV anymore, have a few appointment shows, but it's not on just to be on because there is usually crap on.
This is a better option than the firearms permit so you can legally shoot your TV.

scott said...

Most of these aren't 'goals' per se. Going to see the Grand Canyon is a goal. And having just gotten back from there, I can tell ya, it's a worthwhile one. But most of this list are practices. Being a better friend to yourself, listening more, and using public transportation are practices. They're easy to weave into your daily existence a little bit at a time, until they are behaviors rather than wishes. Ironically, I'd put #16 at the top of the list, because just making lists of things you wish for belies what you already have that should be treasured.

bridgette said...

happy birthday heather!

sulu-design said...

Happy birthday, Heather!
I think your goals (yes, Scott, they are goals - as in, "It's my goal to make these practices regular in my life") are just awesome. And I'm glad that you liked my list, 'cause now that you've posted yours, I'm inspired to start working on a new one myself. Enjoy your day.

Maggie said...

i can help you! i will drink tea when you have parties, eat thai and indian food when you cook, and go to the Y with you so we can take turns lifting weights and fending off the lurkers who like to watch girls pump iron.

Before 40 said...

Good List. Keep at it!
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