Monday, May 11

There's A Reason I Haven't Posted...

...and the main one is that this has been my view for many hours,most days.
I always expect a little ramp-up time when I have a new job and this one is no different. Just when I felt like I was getting to a plateau, I got sick last week. So, just a little bit longer and I think I will find a good work/life balance. I have had a few good adventures lately: namely the ecochic swap, were I scored some awesome items (more on that soon) and the slow food event at I Dream of Weenie, were I got down on some condiments. A certain sweet fella has cooked me a few meals that have made me question my own culinary ability. I am forcing myself to sit back and enjoy it rather than challenge him to a cook-off. And what better to celebrate mothers than with smoked meats.