Sunday, July 15

yes Sirs!

I spent Saturday on a fabric mission to Sirs in Fayetteville with some fantastic new friends (Beth and Jenn) and my old buddy Shona. We did a lot of driving, but the miles flew by with lots of good conversation, crafty idea-sharing and the kind of talk girls have when they get together. I forgot my damn camera! but Shona was kind enough to share hers with me and she documented the journey quite well on her blog. No fabric for me this time, but I did find a very reasonable bag of batting for my headboard project and some great buttons from the 29 cent bin. My surprise find was at the Goodwill in the middle of nowhere: fantastic clogs that were marked $7.99 (but were actually half-off) and old metal box to add to my collection (it will be excellent for sewing supplies).


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Jenn is unavailable until later in August + is already asking me what our next excursion will be.

Hezza said...

hmmmmm...I think hardcore thrifting might be good. Orrrrrrr, we could go to VanLeer for the auction (2nd & 4th Tuesdays).