Wednesday, July 4

Celebrate Indie Biz In Your Town

July 1 - 7 is the 6th annual celebration of Independents Week celebrating independently owned businesses everywhere. I know that I prefer the unique businesses that make my town mine and I encourage everyone to support those businesses where you are with your dollars. Our local independent record store Grimey's, posted a great article about this very thing this week. I have to add to their list of local indie businesses that are essential to my Nashville experience: Fire Finch for clothing & jewelry, Hip Zipper for the best quality vintage (and personal styling from Trisha!), used books at Rhino, locally roasted and brewed coffee at Bongo (East, West or Fido), Grins for kosher vegetarian, Mary's for the best pork sandwich ever, the Bluebird because it has an ear for some of the real sounds of our town, and of course the Belcourt for the offbeat films and events I crave. I could go on and on, these indie businesses in Nashville make it so much more than Music City, they make it home.

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A great way to celebrate Independence Day. Fabulous post!