Monday, March 26

Wall Happiness

sugarloop collection
I love my Sugarloop prints, and I finally got them on the wall.
They make me feel happy.
I need a little happy right now.
I've also gotten back into the groove with my photoblog.
That also makes me happy.


Shona said...

You mean finding things on the side of the road (alley) did not make you happy? Getting my hands on that garden furniture before that other guy would have made me happy. Perhaps a lunch-time trip to the G.O. will also make you happy?

sulu-design said...

Those prints are making me happy, all the way across several state lines! I'm so glad that you posted about this etsy shop - how did I not know?

sugarloop© said...

Hello :) really is awesome to hear that my work makes you happy ...and I feel so honored that they are in your home :)