Sunday, August 5


I have delayed responding to this "8 things about me" tag from Shona. I am filled with dread when tagged, but I have enjoyed Beth and Susan's responses, so I am grudgingly and guiltily responding (although I am with Susan, I'll let the tagging die with me).

1. I like jelly-belly jelly-beans, especially the sour ones.
2. I have been cutting my own hair since I was five and I cut my bangs to the scalp, because I didn't want bangs anymore. I'm slightly better at it now but I will go in for an occasional professional adjustment.
3. I hate flossing my teeth.
4. I was once the clogging champion of Northwest Arkansas.
5. When I was 12, I sewed padding into my bathing suit because I was the only girl at the pool with no bumps in her suit. My boobies didn't really come in for another 10 years.
6. I played soccer on the boys team in high school.
7. I've never had a legal alcoholic beverage.
8. I was asked to leave ballet and go down the hall to tap class.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I'm sorry, but killing it is good- I usually do that myself.

sulu-design said...

While I do love to kill them, I also enjoy reading other's lists - yours was no exception (the bathing suit memory was my favorite). Your new banner, by the way, is just lovely.

Beth Howard said...

oy, I long for the days when I longed for boobies. Now they're stinking in the way all the stinking time. And what does the alcohol comment mean? You don't drink, or you only drink when it's illegal?

Anonymous said...