Wednesday, February 16

On Sewing and Being Self-Employed

Next week marks six months to the day since I lost my job, had a minor panic attack and embarked into a new world of self-employment. I had fantasized about taking the leap and discussed it with friends who had already made the jump; but to be perfectly honest, if I hadn't been shoved out of the nest, I may have never done it. It became very clear within a week of looking for work that I would have plenty of it, just not how I thought. I have moved into a house that affords me a proper office and I hope to continue to be very busy in it. I could go on and on about this chapter of my life, and maybe I will in a future post. I am learning a lot about myself, what I do well and not-so-well, and how to achieve some balance because I may be working a little too much. Which leads me to the next part...

Oh sewing, who knew I loved you so? Why did I ever leave you? After a 1o year split my sewing machine and I are happily re-united thanks to my brilliant sewing teacher Alexia Abegg at Stitch Sewing School. We are in our final weeks of Sewing 101 and I can't say enough about her skill and patience as a teacher. I was a quite a prolific sewer at one point in my life but never learned proper finishing and pattern following skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, the projects and my fellow classmates. Here's an apron we made a couple of weeks ago. I whipped up curtains with my Grandmother last weekend and am working on a sewing circle at my house in March. And I have a little idea brewing to build some sewing community in my neighborhood.


Amber Robbin said...

Basically you are amazing :)

hezza said...

Oh Amber, I miss you!
I am planning a trip to Seattle this spring. One of my oldest and dearest friends moved there recently. I must see you so you can tell me I am amazing in person.