Tuesday, January 22


I can't believe that it had been so long since I saw these girls. Our Sirs adventure was over six months ago! A lot has happened since then and it was very difficult to stay on task with any crafty things, with all the catching up. Jen and Beth did manage to get some quilting done while Shona and I chatted a lot and knitted a little. Shona showed me a new drop stitch that I will start as soon as I get my current project off my #5's. She also gave me a collection of very special books. I love it when my friends de-clutter.

Beth has the most fantastic collection of craft books. She's lucky I didn't swipe her copy of Midwest Modern, it almost "fell" into my bag. She also made some delicious soup, gave me a vintage hat and a screen print I've had my eye on and was a generally lovely hostess and fabulous teacher. I want to take her sewing class at Watkins just to suck up all the sewing knowledge I can from her crafty little brain.

These girls are a delight, an inspiration, and I can't wait to do it again!

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