Monday, June 1

A Little Bit Country

I have had a few breaks in the saga of too much work. My sweet friend Keme came from San Francisco to Tennessee for her Daddy's birthday. We had a little city-fun with friends in Nashville before heading out to Charlotte on Saturday. Keme's daddy, Charlie Bonnett (who I wrote about here), has a little junk store in Van Leer, TN and he likes to say "well...I'm just country". He's one of my favorite people. It was nice to stop thinking about knowledge management, campaigns and best practices and have dinner at the Tri-County Farmer, where there was live bluegrass and all the fried okra you can eat. The only decisions were sweet or un-sweet? white gravy or brown gravy? Keme's momma got us up to date on all the gossip and I made room for cobbler.

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