Monday, December 21

at the rock show, part 1

After a sweet and lovely Christmas/Anniversary party with family and friends, I ventured to stay out past 10:30pm. Scott and I went to the Cannery to see the big rock show. I was excited to see the Ettes and Scott was looking forward to Silversun Pickups. It was a great night for cool rock chicks from the Chrysse Hynde School of Rockstar Cool: Coco and Poni of the Ettes, Nikki from SSPU and Emma from Band of Skulls. I respect a girl who can scream and play guitar (or drums) and has great style.

We got there too late for Band of Skulls and I am sorry about that. Arriving shortly into the Ettes set, their energy made it through the worst sound mix ever. Silversun Pickups followed with, clearly, an entirely different sound situation. Their big sweeping, full sound with sweet little melodies and bending/driving guitars is impossible not to compare to Smashing Pumpkins. I could do without the 2 minute distortion-fests at the end of the songs. But, that's just me. It clearly appeals to a certain demographic.

I can tell I am getting old, because it's hard to stand at a show. My feet were killing me by the end of the show, even my most-comfortable but-still-cute boots didn't do the trick. The Silversun Super Fans inspired me to hang in there. They were, quite literally, jumping, fist pumping, screaming and yelling throughout the whole show.

Yay Super Fans.

Scott and I decided that we are OK with being the old folks at the show.
And I made it until 12:45am!

BTW, SSPU will be on Conan tonight.

Take it With You--The Ettes
Lazy Eye --Silversun Pickups
I Know What I Am --Band of Skulls

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