Wednesday, September 12

Floating on Dale Hollow Lake

lake photos
I forgot to bring my camera, which was probably for the best, since I tend to break cameras when near a body of water. I shot my pics with a disposable camera and Toni shot most of these with her digital camera. As you can see, we had a lot of fun and a lot of quiet relaxation. Not represented in the pictures are all of the wonderful meals we enjoyed. Every morning Dwight cooked a breakfast feast and every evening he cooked us something amazing over a campfire, then we wrapped up the evenings with s'mores. The weather was mild and lovely, with one gray day that gave us a little break from the sun just when we needed it.

I had just enough time to grab my camera and some clean clothes when I got home Saturday before heading out to the farm with Daisy to let the doggies out. I spent a few days farm-sitting to ease myself back into the world again.

Now fully ensconced again in the civilized world of cell phones, hi-speed internet, and television I am longing for simple lake-living. Can I please go back to the lake where I did not think once about job-searching, bills, checking voice mail or email?


rebekah said...

i would like one of those please

Jenn said...

it looks like such a great time away from it all!! I"m glad you got some relaxation, some time to just sit and enjoy life. it looks wonderful!

hope to see you soon and hope you are well. ooh, and that your yardsale goes great tomorrow morning!!

.xo. Jennh