Wednesday, September 12

some of my favorite (internet) things

I'm often writing about my little adventures out in the real world, but today I am going to share some of my most visited and favorite stops on the internet.

The most hilarious ecards I've ever seen, anywhere.

The life hacks and productivity advice at 43 Folders by Merlin Mann, make me work smarter, plus he often makes me laugh. Merlin writes about productivity from a Getting Things Done framework and offers great Mac pointers as well. Less of a GTD purist and more of a "take what you want and leave the rest"gal, Merlin offers up pointers that are easy to integrate into my work flow immediately.

What would I do without skype? I wouldn't be able to talk for free (with video) to my little friend in Tokyo. I can talk skype to skype (computer to computer) for free and I bought $10 worth of Skype-out (for calls to landlines and cellphones) time months ago and I still have $8 left to call the landline in Tokyo when Keme's not on her computer. I can't imagine how useful it would be if I had lots of international buddies, instead of just one.

If you are a blog reader (and you are reading one right now) and you aren't using Bloglines, what are you waiting for? And if you are a Bloglines user and you aren't using Bloglines Beta, shame on you! I love the new look, ease of use and the drag & drop start page. It makes keeping up with all my blog reading manageable and easy.

Who doesn't love flickr? and I love many of these flickr toys from Big Huge Labs on fd's Flickr Toys (the mosaic maker is my favorite). The iphoto plug-in for uploading photos to Flickr easily is also my indispensable Flickr companion. I also love my moo cards and they now have stickers!

ReadyMade Magazine makes me weak in my knees and their website is pretty darn sweet, too.
Here's my most recent favorite find on their site: ReadyMade Shrinky Sheets. I'm imagining some very cute gift tags in my future.

I'm a regular reader of Lara's blog Kirin Notebook, and an admirer of her beautiful fabric designs. She goes to great pains to offer excellent tutorials for fabric projects and they are some of the most well-written instructions and cool little projects I've seen on the web.
Check out her tutorials for covering a lampshade or making a reversible journal cover.

I'd love to hear about some of my friends' favorite stuff, nudge nudge.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Barely able to keep up with blog- flickr- bloglines so there is no browsing, unless it's linked on someone else's blog, but sadly no new interesting finds...
Oh! Wait...there is this on-line vintage shop
but with all the thrift shop visits I make I think I could find similar items, but browsing is still fun.