Monday, September 3

What the Unemployed Are Doing

Amazing how busy one girl without a job can be. Looking for a job is a full time job (and worrying about not having a job takes up some time too) and I have been doing many assorted things to make a little money here and there. My massage table has been seeing more bodies than it has in over a year and it has been good to reconnect with bodywork and making people feel happy. I have also enjoyed doing some projects for friends, everything from building a database (I swear I'm almost done, Dave) to house-sitting.

In accordance with my uncluttering manifesto I have been in the process of brutally assessing the necessity of every item I own. I have made it through a couple of rooms and amassed a large amount of garage sale fodder (September 15, mark your calendars!). I have also had time for a few fun adventures with friends, namely the recent trek to Vanleer for the auction. Beth and Shona documented the adventure rather well and Rebekah got some great pics as well. My pictures weren't nearly as good as theirs, I was having too much fun watching my friends enjoy themselves.

Speaking of friends, I have to say once again, how lovely my friends are. They have treated me to many meals, given me many helpful job leads, suffered my grumpy moods with smiles and encouragement, and even given me sweet little presents (like this and this). That Susan is one sweet girl, I'll have to think of some perfect way to return her kindness.

Tomorrow morning I am off with some family friends for five days on a boat. I intend to spend many, many hours just floating. No phones, no internet, no tv and a very limited amount of soap and water. I had a stress-related illness flare up recently (are there any illnesses that aren't stress related?) and I think that unplugging from everything is just what the doctor ordered. On the day I return from my water vacation, I have a four day farm-sitting gig in Bon Aqua, at my friend's beautiful retreat, Soul Spring Farm. All of this floating and retreating is going to make me a new woman. I hope to return rested, rejuvenated, clear and focused.


sulu-design said...

Don't even worry about returning the kindness! Just remember to be kind to yourself. I'm in the job hunt mode myself now, and I know what a downer it can be. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you (and wish I could be there for the yard sale)!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I have to say that there is a part of me that envies your time, but then the other part of me screams stress! You are doing good holding yourself together + being resourceful. Enjoy your time away- farms + houseboats sound good.