Wednesday, January 3

Full Wolf Moon

I'm feeling a little discombobulated, funky, and restless. I am going to attribute this to the New Year, the full wolf moon, and perhaps the mold in my basement. I have been taking stock of things, labeling, organizing, cleaning up, tossing out, assessing, welcoming in, and bringing order and intention into my life for the new year. This process inevitably uncovers some things that aren't fun to look at (which is why I put them under rocks in the first place). It is time to do the undone things and deal with demons before they deal with me. I'll allow myself some dustbunnies in my head, bones in the closet, and hiding under rocks again, but now it's time to clean it up.

Wolf Like Me TV on the Radio


Fangusfu said...

Can you hear me howling?

me said...

Was it really a wolf moon? and if so, what exactly is that?

Hezza said...

there's a link in the title that explains the "wolf moon"
btw...who is me?