Thursday, January 18

More presents and other good stuff

My friend Shona got an extra calendar from a trade with Misselz, and oh how I love it! It is sold out, so I feel very fortunate to have it gracing the wall of my little studio.
Speaking of Shona.. have you seen her gnome shirts? They are nothing short of fabulous. I am buying one for myself and a couple as gifts. I suspect she is going to sell out of these pretty darn quick, so get while the gettin' is good. I hope this will be the beginning of a whole new medium for my little letterpress genius.
I'm thinking of participating in the Wardrobe Refashion'07 challenge. It would kickstart me into use of the dressform I got for xmas (remember I have no excuse) and it would be awfully fun. I'll just have to get a headset for my home phone so that I can still talk to Mr. Stearns while I make stuff.

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