Monday, January 8

Pear-Shaped Girls Like Pear-Shaped Things

Ever since my twenties I have been a distinctly pear-shaped girl. Even when I was very thin, I still had my hips and my longish torso just accentuates the bottom of the curve. I don't mind being shaped like this, it's supposedly a healthier shape to be than the "apple" shape. I'm used to taking in the waist of every pair of pants I buy and reaching for the a-line skirts.

I also like the association with the fruit. When they are at their ugliest and most imperfect on the outside they are the most delicious.

The image of the pear is one of my favorites, perhaps because I am a bit self-involved. I love this pear-patterned Orla Kiely fabric on the pear-shaped chair above and her fun umbrella has been added to my wishlist.

My favorite interpretation of pear-shaped is the lesser known phrase describing a situation that went awry, perhaps horribly wrong. A failed bank robbery, for example, could be said to have "gone pear-shaped". The phrase seems to visualise the original plan as a perfect circle, and the failed execution as a distorted figure, hence "pear-shaped".

I believe I am a pear-shaped girl living in pear-shaped world.


Shona said...

too bad that chair is not a free thing found on the side of the road.

Hezza said...

no shit.

sulu-design said...

Pear-shaped girls unite. I'm first in line!