Sunday, January 28

A Weekend with Mr. Stearns and the Beales

My insanely wonderful package arrived a day ahead of Mr. Stearns. It contained many wonderful things, including an Eggleston book, the new Amy Sedaris book, teas from Chinatown in San Francisco, and fancy Australian salt. My most beloved item would have to be the Grey Gardens box set. I have had the Netflix Grey Gardens for over a month, now I can send it back. I really like this newly released footage, in many ways more than the original release. Mr Stearns and I have been enjoying this footage while he's here for a few days.

ps Do not waste your $8 on The Queen.


Shona said...

Do bring in the Amy Sedaris book. I have not bought one for myself + would love to have a look-see it. + in 2 months can I borrow The Beales of Grey Gardens? Only after you have completely memorized it, of course.

rebekah said...

you have a blog!
i need this set!
we like the same books

Sissy said...

You otta be in pictures.