Monday, January 15

I like presents and presence

My friend Vaile is so enamored with yarn, that she gave herself carpal tunnel syndrome within a few weeks of picking up needles. I'm happy to report that she has recovered and is knitting at a slightly more sane pace (and she has learned how to hold "loose"). The great thing about teaching people to knit is that they often knit you something as a thank you. This weekend Vaile presented me with this lovely mohair and wool scarf. It looks great with my pumpkin-colored coat and will enjoy many years warming my neck.
gift scarf

If you are my friend in real-life, then you know I have been spending a lot of time on the phone to Seattle lately. I hate the damn phone, but it is the only way to converse with people who are many miles away. In what I hope is the beginning of many collaborations, Mr. Seattle and I have decided to create a photo blog together. Check it out if you like and leave us a note.


Shona said...

I love what you 2 came up with for your photo postcard blog, it looks so great!

And I think you'll need to teach me to knit "loose." I was one step away from sitting next to Valle @ the Vanderbilt ER. I swear I won't knit you anything made with fun fur as a thank you.

sulu-design said...

Love the variation in color in your gift scarf. Please hold Shona to her promise that she will not use fun fur... ever. I'm enjoying the postcards.

Anonymous said...

Pretty - I love knitting, makes life so cozy !