Saturday, January 20

tales from the goodwill outlet

If you have a Goodwill outlet in your town, you should really check it out. They get all of the merchandise that didn't sell at the regular Goodwills...and it is unbelievable what you find. Clothing is priced by the pound ($1.49) and shoes are $1-$1.99, housewares start at at .25 and furniture is rarely over $20.
It's funky, it smells weird, and you have to dig through bins to find the gems, but it is so worth it.
Here's my haul from Friday...

I would have paid $20 just for the cute black flats (which are kind-of hidden), but I paid $15 for the whole shabang. I have big plans for those American Tourister bags (I'll keep you posted on that) and the antique mirror will be hanging in good spot very soon. I have been spoiled for "real" thrift store prices.


Shona said...

You absolutely crack me up, can I tell you how many times I have picked up both the green mug + the wood candle stick holder +, I don't need them? Glad they went to a good home!

Funks smells, digging (my last dig yiellded a pair of Crocs)...but you did not mention the homeless, mentally ill + of course everyone's favorite employee Cordell!

sulu-design said...

Hot damn! You and Shona make out like bandits at this place. I've got to find the closest one to NYC.