Monday, January 1

now I have no excuse

Santa Claus completely surprised me with a dress form under the tree. Now I just need to dig up some of my sketches and fabrics, tune up my sewing machine and work on my basic skills. I'm pretty rusty, so perhaps I will start with some alterations before I launch into full-scale constructions. By spring I should be cranking out a new wardrobe.


Fangusfu said...

looking forward to seeing you in your brand new wardrobe.

Shona said...

Yay! no more homemade form for you, you're a REAL girl now!

How funny about your New Year's. My mom, Aunt, boy + I spent part of Christmas dinner trying to explain Grey Gardens to the rest of the family + friends. They all looked so confused..."now, what relationship are they to Jackie??" I have been thinking I need to watch it again. My aunt can do the flag dance perfectly.

bridgette said...

heather?! Hi!! It was so nice to see your comment on my blog and to see your beautiful face, well, half face,in your icon. I'll be visiting you here from now on.

Kim Hope said...

well, I have not seen Grey Gardens but I want to! Do you have it on DVD? (I have been reading your blog.)


me said...

oh my gosh! I am so jealous! Can I come over and touch it?